Financial / Banking Solutions

Hundure solution enhance the bank security and integrates employees attendance management

The banking and finance sector always not only care about physical security and access control management but also have to consider the organization has numerous branches across the country that employees attendance has to be well and easily managed.

The escort function in our solution is another important feature for banking project application. To enhance the security, the staff is usually requested to be escorted by supervisor to enter the bank vault or safety deposit box room With decades experiences on this area, we provide integrated and value-added solutions to enhance the security and facilitate the headquarter management.

In addition to regular RFID and fingerprint solutions for bank / financial application, we also develop the highest security finger vein solution that that's based on images of human finger vein patterns beneath the skin's surface to avoid ID theft or being copied.

Case Study

2019-06-19 Hundure High Level of Security and Protection in the Financial Institution
Hundure state-of-the-art access control system delivers high Level of security and protection in the financial institution. Secure the bank vault and the safe deposit box room with interlocking and dual authorization functions
2019-06-25 Romanian lottery stores use Hundure solution nationwide
A Hundure solution is playing an important role in the Romanian government's chain of 1250 lottery stores - each of which has installed one RAC-2000PN control panel and two slave readers, to control the lottery audio device and door access control with related applications.


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