Founded in Taiwan in 1989, Hundure Technologies has been acknowledged as one of the major design and manufacturing companies in the access control field for years. Aiming to become the leader in its field of expertise, Hundure is committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality. Therefore, its factory has been certified by SGS ISO-9001 2015 Revision Quality Management Systems, which manifests its operation priority. Under this principle --" Quality comes first with service following next ", it has received an excellent reputation from customers all over the world.

Armed with a strong R&D team, Hundure is focused on several key markets, leveraging its technological leadership to meet the increasing demand for access control applications. With years' dedication, Hundure has developed a range of security management products, including access control management, time attendance management, elevator management, parking lots management and patrol management. Hundure plans to bring a full range of access control solutions to the market and provide customers with state-of-the-art product design and manufacturing services.

Looking into the future, Hundure endeavors to utilize its extensive experiences in security, and continue the development of state-of-the-art technologies for multiple application projects. The confidence in being the "Pioneer of the era and innovator for the future", therefore, is leading Hundure to continuous growth and prosperity.


Hundure indicates “one hundred percent of secure”.


The value we offer is just more than the access control.


Let you stay safe anytime, anywhere.


Be a pioneer of era and an innovator for the future.

Brand Story

HUNDURE, originates 'hundred" and "secure", indicates we aim to create "one hundred percent of secure access". With 30 years' insistence and passion on developing ideal products in maximum function and quality, Hundure, the name speaks for superiority and excellence. Our brand vision is "Let you stay safe anytime, anywhere", which delivers the value created by gradually accelerating the value transformation process through customers' feedback on their use of our products. Hundure has been making its name as a finest provider of security solutions.

Core Value

The value we offer is just more than access control.


Let you stay safe anytime, anywhere.


Be a pioneer of era and an innovator for the future.

Non-Conflict Minerals Policy

As a good corporate citizen and in taking a stand on corporate social responsibility and respect for international human rights, HUNDURE hereby wishes to make the following statement with regard to conflict minerals. This refers to minerals which are sourced from areas of armed conflict, illegal mines and poor mining environments.

HUNDURE will take steps to avoid using conflict minerals in its products and request that all suppliers should investigate whether any Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and other metallic materials in their products are sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If thought necessary, HUNDURE will require suppliers to provide the survey information. HUNDURE will continue to monitor this issue of conflict minerals in order to improve these mineral sourcing issues.



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